Peru Gastronomy – Foods You Must Try During Your Travels To Arequipa

The best thing about any vacation is all the new foods and the new restaurants that you get to try. If you’re interested in Peru travel, you’re in luck because the country offers amazing culinary experiences in each of its cities. Before you book Peru vacations to the city of Arequipa, learn about the many different restaurants that are available to help make your trip a memorable one.


For a traditional Peru gastronomy experience, first head to Hatunpa. However, realize that the restaurant is small! There are only five tables, which means a meal at Hatunpa is an extremely intimate experience. The menu is simple, with different potato dishes and a variety of toppings each day. Toppings include a stuffed pepper filling called rocoto relleno, cauche de queso (a cheesy sauce that’s full of seared cheese) and a chicken in a yellow sauce called aji de gallina. If you have the room, enjoy pears sauteed in wine sauce for dessert. The prices are reasonable, about $10 a person and many visitors report that they head to Hatunpa more than once during their Peru vacations.

El Tio Dario

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, consider a trip to El Tio Dario. Here you’ll find amazingly fresh fish and a view of El Misti, a local volcano. Consider trying the pulpo en aceite de oliva (octopus in olive oil), the ceviche (a mix of fish that’s cooked through the acid in lemon and lime juices) and takuyaki. If you save room for dessert, don’t miss out on the bunuelos. They’re similar to doughnut holes and should be tried at least once in between all the Peru tours on your vacations. Prices vary at El Tio Dario, however it’s possible to eat there for under $20 a person.

La Nueva Palomino

Throughout your Peru tours, you’ve probably heard the word picanteria. Simply put, this is a restaurant that offers spicy food and one of the best ones in the city of Arequipa is La Nueva Palomino. If you’re in town over a weekend, consider going on a Sunday afternoon since the restaurant offers live music so diners can enjoy their meals with music. Portions can be quite huge so if you’re going with a group, it’s not a bad idea to share dishes instead of having each diner order their own.

Other Peru Gastronomy Experiences

These three restaurants are only a small sampling of the ones that you can find during your vacations. Other delicious options include Ristorante La Italiana, Zingaro, La Trattoria del Monasterio, Chicha por Gaston Acurio, Lazos – Parrilla de Zingaro and nearly a hundred other options. If you’re in the mood for a certain type of food, consider asking the locals that you meet for any recommendations because they’ll likely point you towards places that you might not have otherwise found. This will help ensure that you get the full gastronomy experience, whether you’ve visiting Arequipa, Cusco, Lima or any of the smaller cities.