Philippine Cuisine When East Meet West

– Cuisine is one of the main traditions and pride in Philippine culture. Philippine Cuisine is a fusion of different culinary cultures, influence from neighboring countries as well as relics from the colonial era. Philippine Cuisine is a unique combination of Eastern and Western flavors. It is a blend of spicy and full of flavor spices from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, has a different style of saudi arabia and china as well. Culinary Spain, America and Japan.

Taste food from the Philippines are as diverse culinary mostly ranging from sweet, sour, spicy and salty. More than 300 years of Spanish colonization, Philippine society is affected by variety of food that used to greet the party. This includes foods such as pochero, mechado, caldereta, afritada and other dishes. They also liked the name relleno, embutido, paella, several fish dishes and desserts such as Leche Flan, Brazos and Pastillas. Culinary Spain indeed has a strong influence on developments in Philippine cuisine. Now when the Philippines became a colony the United States, America is giving a different culinary influences with an emphasis pressure cooking and frozen foods. American influence on Philippine cuisine such as pizza, fried chicken, salads, hamburgers, hotdogs and canned food.

Neither the Japanese who contribute their culinary influence in the Philippines. Now sushi, sashimi, tonkatsu, misono, tempura, teriyaki and other Japanese foods combined with culinary Philippines. Now the arrival of Chinese businessmen began to take effect on noodle business in the country. Since the start of foods such as kikiam, siopao, lumpia, siomai and hopia penetrated the Philippines. Last affecting the Philippines is a country of culinary neighbors like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. All three countries showed their tracks on a variety of culinary term for the Philippines Pinoy particularly on the use of spices, rice and coconut.

Philippine food is really a blend of western and eastern cultures. With such unique blend flavored with typical methods of cooking Philippines itself has produced a variety of unique and delicious menu variations. Today, with technological development has significant effect on modern cooking methods, the menu of culinary creations Philippine able to attract lovers of the culinary world.

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